Learn how to do math, writing, drawing, games, projects, crafts, and all sorts of new stuff.

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Fun kids books to read for all ages. Fiction, Sci-Fi, School books, Math, Coloring, Music, and more fun books to read!

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Toys & Clothes

These are great toys we like and fun clothes to wear!

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Since 1993

What We Are About!

My family likes to learn, play, and share with other people. We wanted to create a safe website where we could share and show you where you can get the same things we do and if you really like them, you can buy them also.

We have so many kids in our family, so we have so many different things for boys and girls, little and big, that you can learn about to have so much fun with.

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What's New!

Check out the blog so you can find out the latest cool stuff that we are learning and having fun with!